RBS Inspiring Women in Enterprise Joined Up Food (JUF)

JUF (Joined Up Food) for unemployed women who want to start a business in the food industry. “The funding from RBS Inspiring Enterprise will give us the opportunity to share our skills, experience and contacts with women who have a passion for food and who want to sell their products and services” - Maria Stammers, Manager and Senior Business Adviser, Paddington Development Trust, Westminster Enterprise Centre.


JUF is a new platform for connecting London women aspiring to start a business in the food and beverage industry. It is a collaborative programme headed by Maria Stammers of the PDT Westminster Enterprise Centre, and Julie Bundy, Director and Founder of Maida Hill Place. JUF will support and mentor over 300 women in building successful, start-up businesses in the food industry. Through JUF, the participants will be able to access business coaching and training sessions, along with specific training on product and brand development, marketing, and website and video creation. Participants will also be able to test their business ideas through a market testing competition and will learn the aspects of Health and Safety and regulations associated with operating a business in the food industry.


On top of workshop-based training and coaching, there will be practical sessions where participants will have the opportunity to attend a food festival, run a pop-up restaurant and get first-hand experience of how a commercial kitchen is run. Through the support provided by JUF, it is hoped that more women will realise they can enter into self-employment and set up a business in the food and drink industry. I was so excited when I heard JUF was selected for funding support from RBS Inspiring Enterprise. We now have the financial resources to offer a service that will give women the confidence and knowledge to compete in the business world” - Julie Bundy, Director and Founder of Maida Hill Place.

For more information please contact us on 020 7266 0636