How to cost a menu with Paul Hannagen, Founder of Cuisson


Video highlites from our seminar; Costing a menu is not an easy task. There are a few skills and techniques that every successful food enterprise needs to manage their food cost and ultimately, profitability.

We were delighted with our very first seminar with guest speaker Paul Hannagen. The event included a high turnout of future foodie entrepreneurs. It was very successful because it showed our starter, business women, what they could achieve and where they could end up.

Cost of ingredients


This is one of the most critical areas of costing a menu. There are constantly changing prices from suppliers and sometimes a recipe requires altering with extra ingredients.

There are various online platforms out there that offer a fantastic way to manage your ingredient costs and recipes. Our favourite is Kitchen Cut.

Cost of packaging


This is often an overlooked item when costing up a menu. In my business, everything needs to be taken into account such as napkins and our bespoke menus. This of course varies from business to business, but it is critical that all aspects of delivery are recorded and used when pricing.



Most food enterprises have some form of delivery attached. Outside catering, jams and chutneys, street traders, all require some form of delivery to get them to their destination. This of course should be factored into the cost.